Business is Brutal
Business is Brutal.  Either you win or you lose.
Most business owners lose.  Only 2% of Americans have money to retire at 60!  You don't, do you!
That's because 95% of business that start are gone in 5 years.  99% are gone in 10 years.
So year after year 99% business owners are stressed and in pain on the way down to the inevitable.
And of the 1% that survive, most are just getting by, grinding it out day to day
and not getting the enjoyment and rewards they deserve for all that effort and pain.
Since you failed the 36 month rule, this is you!
If you still haven't put away enough money to make sure you'll be OK, then you are at RISK!
Most business owners think their businesses are going to go on forever like a job.  This just isn't so.
You could be attacked by a strong competitor tomorrow.  Ignore this at your own peril!
What I do here at Corporate Strategist is save a few of these struggling business owners
by using my business knowledge and expertise so that
There's only so many sales to be had in your industry.  You take it or they take it!
If you're not earning enough money to insure RICH RETIREMENT then they're taking it
and guaranteeing you will RETIRE POOR!
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