You are losing because you have NO POWER in your Marketplace!
If you CANNOT Sell every 3rd presentation using a Scripted Sales Process that can be taught to a representative then Your competitor will eventually put you out of business  because
Do you understand?  You better because you are at RISK!
Most business owners work hard but don't have this knowledge!
The result is that 99% of businesses fail because the 1% that have this knowledge steal their market!
I don't know why business owners believe that tomorrow will be like yesterday and that they will float along for a better day. 
Nothing is further from the truth.
Every time I build POWER IN THE MARKETPLACE for my client, some competitors die because my client takes their sales. 
There's only so much sales out there.  Either you take it or your competitor does!
Look at what WalMart, HomeDepot, Costco, Microsoft, Office Depot did to the business competitors that thought tomorrow would be just like yesterday.  Ignore this at your own peril! 
If you are not growing, you are dying!
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