Corporate Strategist
Do you know what a Corporate Strategist is?
It never ceases to amaze me that business people have never heard of a Corporate Strategist.
I've been part of a Chamber of Commerce for decades and whenever I say I'm a Corporate Strategist
I get a blank stare looking back at me!
The big companies, the Fortune 1000 have HALF of all the sales in America today!  Why is that?
What they have that you don't have in small business is a Corporate Strategist Team, usually 3 people.
Their office is through a door from the President's office.  Not many people know they are there, especially the competitors.
These are the smartest business people on the planet with all the right education and expertise.
Their job is to figure out how to take sales and market share from the competitors and increase sales and net profits every year.
They put together the battle plans that will allow their companies to take sales from the competitors so that they win.
Then they implement those plans through the divisional Vice-Presidents or subsidiary Presidents.
The reason you in small business have never heard of this is you can't even come close to affording these people who get paid in the millions a year by taking a portion of the billions that they make for their companies.
The easiest place they can take sales from is from small businesses that have sales from $500,000 to $20,000,000.
That means YOU!
And you have no clue that these people exist!  All you do is work hard and think you're going to win! 
But you won't win because don't have a business plan that you can implement
that will result in $2,000,000 in the bank within 3 to 5 years! 
So sooner or later you'll be old and poor.
Do the math.
These are samples of Corporate Strategy results.
1. Wal-Mart ate up most of the retail
2. McDonalds's most of the burger business
3. Microsoft most of the software business.
4. In the 1980's there were plenty of mom and pop video stores.  Blockbuster was created to take their sales which they did and it made the owner a billionaire.  Today Blockbuster is under attack from it's competitors.  Business is Brutal!
Their competitors had better products.  Just about any mom and pop burger place could make a better hamburger than McDonald's!
But that did not save them because the Corporate Strategist puts plans together that go beyond just having a good product or service.  If you ever work with me you'll understand the complexity of the solution.
I was trained to do this but decided to help small business owners instead of killing them off by working with the power of big business because of my ethical standards.  It was just not fair, like shooting fish in a barrel.
BUT I still have to take sales from the competitors and kill them off if I can because business is a battle and my client is being killed by his competitor and I need to save him by implementing the plans to take sales from the competitors.   But in this case I'm working from behind with a small business that has no power in the marketplace.  It's more of an even battle.
There is no other way.
The competitor wins or my client wins.
There is no other result possible because business is a BRUTAL BATTLE and business is a ZERO SUM GAME.
Like it or not, you are in a battle for your life
and you are more Vulnerable than you think!
Ignore this at your peril!
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