De La Salle University
This was the best school in the nation at the time run by American Christian Lay Brothers.
This was a school for the rich elite of the nation that were being groomed for leadership in the future economy.  Here's a picture of our past Presidents to the time I was there.     Here's a picture of the University.
It was a very high discipline school.  We went to school in uniforms.  We did what we were told.  We had calculus in the 7th grade (what were you doing in the 7th grade?).  And then the math got tough in High School!  No one much cared if we made it or not.   We had to rise to the constant challenge.
Our self-esteem came from achievement not false promises. 
This was a school for the rich elite of the nation being groomed for future leadership. 
My job growing up was to go to school and learn.  Everything else was taken care of.  A chauffeur took me to school daily.  The maids took care of me by making all the meals and taking care of the home.  It was a lifestyle afforded to me by my successful,kind and always elegant self made European father and my ageless and timeless elite Eurasian mother (here at 42 years of age) who never cooked, cleaned or worked in her life.
I was a good student.  I achieved a dual honors degree.  Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.
When I was done with the dual honors degree I couldn't do an MBA because the degrees I had already covered all that course work.
So I decided to go to the USA to get a Master's Degree in Management, specializing in Finance from the University of California at Los Angeles.  This was a 2 year plus these degree on the way to a Ph.D.  This was not a simple MBA.
All this training and discipline has allowed me to be able to save a few businesses when they have everything against them.  It's my way of giving back to the world for the wonderful education that I have. 
I can work with the rich.  I always have offers from venture capitalists to fix their portfolio businesses.  But that would only make the rich, richer. 
What I do saves the life and families of business owners. 
It seems to me a better use of my God given talent.