How you can tell that you won't make it.
The 36 month Rule.
It's time for a REALITY CHECK!
If you have not gotten to a point in your business where you have put away enough money to retire with some dignity in the last 36 months, odds are, the next 36 months will be the same unless your net profits are growing at least 100% per annum. And you're not, are you!
Instead, if you were earning $30,000 NET PROFIT/month and didn't squander your money and instead saved as much of it as you could and put it in safe investments that generated income, you would be safe in 36 months no matter what happened to your business.
If you can't  handle your basic retirement in 36 months then when will you handle it?
How many 36 month segments do you have left in your life?  One, Two, None?  One day?
The future is promised to no one!
You don't have as much time as you think!
The future is promised to no one.
Tomorrow you could be driving to work and you could have an accident that incapacitates you so you no longer can work in your business.
Tomorrow you could be on the phone and have a stroke or other illness and become incapacitated in a way that you no longer can work in your business.
As I write this I just met a woman that had a flourishing business and lived in a $2,000,000 house. 
She had no contingency plan and spent her money and enjoyed her life.  She woke up with some disease that has nearly crippled her.  She did not reveal the nature of the disease to me.  But she could barely get out of the chair and has zero energy.  Maybe It's cancer, I don't know.
Her business went to losses quickly and unable to make payroll her employees left.  Her business stopped.
She is currently in foreclosure and will surely lose her $2,000,000 home and her equity in the home.  And of what's left in her savings will surely be spent quickly in her desperate attempt to maintain some kind of lifestyle.  And then who knows what will happen to her.  I can't help her.  It's too late! 
She has no energy, can barely stand up and she no longer has a business that can be turned around.
Had I met her earlier, maybe, just maybe, I would have been able to communicate to her how vulnerable she was.  But as chance would have it I did not meet her until it was too late.  The future is promised to no one!
You've also seen this happen with friends and family.
They're going through life enjoying it on a day to day basis then suddenly there's a heart attack, stroke or cancer found or some other sudden illness.  This is the way the world works.  It's usually quite sudden and unexpected. 
But is it sudden and unexpected? 
Not really.  You can get statistical data concerning probabilities of getting certain illnesses given your age.  You certainly can get statistical data concerning your death from the insurance industry.  It is not sudden.  It's just that we choose to ignore this gruesome reality.
What will happen to you and your family if that should happen? Who will pay the mortgage and the car payments? What will they use for current income to live on?  Will they lose their standard of living?  Will  they become homeless?
Do you now understand why 96% of the adult population get to retirement, either by age or illness, and lose the few assets they have in a desperate attempt to create current income? And in the end, these 96% have to try to live on social security (if it still exists), handouts from family and friends (if available) and a part time job (if possible).
These people wasted their time and ignored reality.
You have less time than you think!
If you did not handle your retirement problem in the last 36 months, when will you?
How many 36 month segments do you have in your working life. If any?
And your business, which cannot grow with power in your marketplace and generate this retirement capital you so desperately need, how strong is it anyway?
If it is not growing powerfully, then you are just a floater, sitting there until a strong competitor steals  and bankrupts you.
This is where the statistics of 99% of all small businesses are gone in 10 years comes from and why 95% of businesses are gone in 5 years.  They are floaters just like you. 
It's easy to steal your sales because you do not have powerful marketing. 
You think that you're going to win just because you own a business, have a good product, give good service, work hard, have a positive mental attitude, hire a good salesman or hire 'closers'.  Dream on.  You are going to run out of 36 month segments to make it. Please click on the links in this paragraph to understand their vulnerability.  Your weakness won't defend you against a real attack.
It gets worse.  If you've been in business for 10 years and still haven't put away what you need to walk away with dignity then how many 10 year segments do you have in your life to make it?  None. 
Wake up!  You need a MINIMUM of $2,000,000 in the bank to protect your
downside and establish an OK Retirement.
if you aren't making at least $30,000/month NET PROFIT
AND growing strongly from there
then you have no hope of ever saving it!
So if you are a floater, unable to handle the basic retirement income requirements in the last 36 months, and wasting 36 month segments just floating along, then you are at risk. High risk. Because a strong competitor can come and take your market share away from you since you have no power in the marketplace.
Corporate Strategist works with a very few of these floaters and infuses in them the power to grow. 
If you haven't made it yet, I am the only hope for you.
Please don't wait until it's too late.
There's nothing anyone can do then.