A SALES ENGINE is a combination of a very good marketing position and precise structured sales process that generates a consistent and predictable sales result.  This structured sales process can be taught to your representatives and they can generate the same consistent and predictable sales result. 
This Sales Engine is the key system to take your business from not much to
$30,000/month Net Profit inside 24 months
And on to $1,000,000/year Net Profit!
That 80/20 sales rule that states that only 20% of your sales people can sell and are responsible for 80% of your sales is hogwash generated by morons involved in marketing.   Since they don't know how to create a SALES ENGINE that delivers a consistent and predictable sales result they come up with excuses such as the 80% rule.
What happens when you are able to create a SALES ENGINE is that you will take market share which is a nice way to say you will TAKE THE SALES AWAY FROM YOUR COMPETITORS and perhaps put them out of business so that they are no longer a threat to your company.
I use the analogy of an Automotive Racing Engine because everyone understands that if you go out to the track with a race car that does not have an engine there is no way you will win.  You'll be working hard pushing the car and not having the engine propel the car.
An Automotive Racing Engine is a very precise thing.
The cam lifts have to work in conjunction with the ignition timing and the fuel delivery of the fuel injection, etc.  Get any one of these things wrong and it doesn't even start.  Get it just a bit off and it does not make the horsepower necessary to win.
In the same way a Sales Engine is a VERY PRECISE THING.  The Marketing Position has to be right and the Sales process has to support it.  The tonality has to be right and the words chosen have to be right.  It goes on and on.  Get one of these thing wrong and you get zero.  Get it just a bit off and you can't win because you can't get consistent predictability out of it. 
It never ceases to amaze me that when I'm working on a Sales Engine I'm thinking so hard that I'm sweating blood and nothing happens until the last and final piece is in place and in sync with all the other pieces.  At that point in one instant in time the Sales Engine comes alive! 
Marketing and Sales is BINARY. 
It's either on or off.  Nothing happens until it is complete and precise and then it comes alive in an instant in time and stays consistent and predictable as long as all the determinants remain in place!  Just change one or two words with words that mean the same and you will go to zero!  How amazing this is.
I know you don't understand.  Here's where you are.
You've tried hiring 'closers'.
You've even paid big money for your 'marketing manager'.  You keep putting ads in the newspaper seeking some sales person that will make you rich.  You've tried everything.  But here you are still not going forward and having your competitors take your market.
So what's new?  Nothing.
And of course the definition of insanity is doing the same old thing and expecting a different result!
There is no 'closer' out there that will come and sell and make you rich!
If there were you would already be rich.  Do you understand?
Apparently most businesses don't understand this.
I see the Sunday newspaper full of ads for 'closers' from the same companies month after month.  What those ads really say is 'Closer wanted to make me rich!'  Dream on.  The business owner throws their money away at newspaper ads and then complains that sales people are lousy when they don't produce as expected!  So what's new?  Nothing.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result! 
Actually I would not say that these business owners are insane.
It's just that they don't have anyone that really knows how to build a SALES ENGINE so they just keep throwing their money away at ads in the Sunday paper hoping against hope that a salesperson that they will pay commission only to will show up to make them rich!  Dream on. 
Get serious because you are betting your life.
You're betting your life and future on a half starved commission only salesman to make you rich? 
How stupid is that!
What we need to do here is build a CUSTOM SALES ENGINE that you understand and can implement through your sales staff.
It's not their job to create the Marketing Position or the Sales Process.  If they did they would be in business against you.
One thing you need to understand is that my knowledge is not common.
I spent 3 years and 60 clients perfecting the CORPORATE STRATEGIST GENERAL THEORY OF SALES and that was in 1985 to 1987.  During that period I could only (?) increase my client's business by 300% gross inside 24 months.   My clients were happy but I was not because I wanted a consistent and predictable sales close ratio out of my Marketing and Sales Process.
I wanted to take my clients to $30,000 NET/month within 24 months!
And that could be done if my client could sell, at a minimum, every 3rd presentation at the price point he wanted.  Just think of your business.  If you could sell every 3rd presentation at the price you want you could do that too and more because you would have POWER in your market place.
What I wanted to create was the CORPORATE STRATEGIST GENERAL THEORY OF SALES that would generate a Scripted Sales Process that would yield a Predictable Sales Result of at least 30% of all presentations in all kinds of businesses all over the country and Canada.
And this THEORY had to take into account that the product or service was lousy, the company near dead and the Scripted Sales Process would be delivered by a client that did not know how to sell, did not want to sell, that I never saw and would never see,  since it was all done on the phone across the country.  And I gave myself 10 years to solve this one problem!
By the end of the 3 year period between 1985-1987 I had figured it out.
During that time it was like going to a lab and testing and testing and testing different theories.  I could only(?) improve my clients by about 300% increase in Gross Sales in 24 months in those 3 years.  My clients were happy but I was not!  But little by little and through a lot of frustration the market revealed it's secrets because I was doing 10 businesses at a time and sometimes 20 businesses at a time.  And starting the 4th year I was able to do it!  That was in 1988.
But that was not enough!
Although it already worked after 3 years of research and the clients were extremely happy, by my standards, it needed a lot more work.  A client, not knowing what was possible, and not knowing my 10 year goal was very happy to be able to increase his business by 300% gross sales. 
It took another 7 years to perfect it further and for me to have it become part of my DNA.
I knew that the SALES ENGINE could produce a lot more horsepower!
It took another 7 years to perfect it further and for me to have it become part of my DNA. 
It was always the debugging portion of building the engine that was a huge difficulty and took the most time. 
The difference between the beginning of the 10 year period and the end was the insight, expertise and experience that I had gained to be able to debug the problem more quickly and build a Sales Engine with more power.  Even then, it all varies from case to case.  Some companies are a total mess and need a major overhaul! 
It was my educational background that allowed me to look at the problem in a theoretical way.
Most people in Sales and Marketing are people that can't get a job.  So they're not very intelligent.  And no one ever gets a Ph.D. in Sales.  But because I wanted to be able to turnaround multiple companies at the same time and I knew that my client base would be the 99% of failing businesses, I needed to create the CORPORATE STRATEGIST GENERAL THEORY OF SALES that would take into account these limitations.
And even after I knew what the 'rules of engagement were, and even after all these years of implementing this, it's still extremely difficult to solve the individual company's marketing problems. 
Earlier in my career I became a leading edge software designer.
I did it mostly because they paid better than everyone else.  They paid me a lot in comparison to the pay scales available to managers!  I decided to become a software wizard so in 7 years I worked on 7 languages and 5 operating systems in 7 projects in 2 countries and 3 cities!  I became a wizard but really didn't want to continue in the industry because my mind got so fast that I would listen to people talk in a cocktail party in slow motion! 
My mind was going so fast that what was in front of me was going too slow and all the while, concurrently, I was solving the current software problem in background in my head while I stood there bored to tears with the trivia happening in slow motion. 
I had become a total nerd, unable to relate to the trivia of day to day life.  It was time to give it up.  In any case I really wanted to 'fix' businesses since my education was in business and not computer science. 
I wanted to be a business wizard, just like I had become a software wizard.
I wanted to be able to fix any business that did not work, with any lousy product or service, in any economy, in any geographical location (which meant that I would not even see the business owner), with useless employees, run by an owner that was totally stressed out and out of money and I wanted to do them at least 10 at a time.  And I wanted to take them to $30,000 NET/month within 24 months.
Simple enough, right?  If I could do that then I would be a business wizard.  I was a crazy guy!
It was the same idea that I had about becoming a software wizard.
I ended up with the ability to do multiple languages and multiple operating systems in computer science.  If you know anything about leading edge software engineering, you'll know it's harder than anything in normal life.  All your knowledge becomes irrelevant in 12 months so I was constantly in a learning mode while implementing.  It was a lot harder than 'fixing businesses'!
I approached solving the business marketing problem in the same way as I tackled leading edge software problems.
I knew that I needed to create the CORPORATE STRATEGIST GENERAL THEORY OF SALES that would create a Scripted Sales Process that would yield a Predictable Sales Result of at least 30% of presentations for any lousy company anywhere.
I created my CORPORATE STRATEGIST GENERAL THEORY OF SALES and I've implemented this proprietary knowledge successfully with over 100 businesses in over 2 decades!
So as you can see I didn't come to this expertise by luck and chance.
I'm not just some 'consultant' or 'coach' that knows nearly nothing and can't get a normal job so they are 'consulting'.
I came to this juncture in my life through a decision to do this in 1984 which is decades ago.  I came to this knowledge by being lucky enough to be born very bright, having a huge amount of education and then having the will and determination to apply myself for 10 years to develop my CORPORATE STRATEGIST GENERAL THEORY OF SALES plus BUSINESS KNOWLEDGE which I've been implementing for decades!  And of course the knowledge improves with the passing years.
You think that's nothing?
Then let me tell you that my greatest discovery was that people are very irrational.  As such there is no way to talk to them rationally so that they can understand and buy.  Now go and solve this problem.  You'll need at least 10 years and over 100 clients to create and polish the Theory behind the result.  And only if you are very bright.
I obviously won't reveal my PROPRIETARY KNOWLEDGE in this web site.
It is only for my few clients to enjoy while they take market share from their competitors.
But I'll tell you a few things that I discovered through all the years of creating this.  The rest of the world has it backwards which is why my Theory and methodology work and theirs don't.  For example...
1. There is no close.
2. The sale is made in 45 seconds.  Forget about making friends!
3. The customers are totally irrational.
4. There is no rejection pain.
5. The presentation is extremely precise!  Change 2 words in 45 seconds and you'll see your Predictability go to zero!
6. And on and on.
There's more Theory, lots more!
And the only way you'll get this massive advantage against your competitors is for me to implement my PROPRIETARY KNOWLEDGE in your business.
You can get a glimpse of this in the 17 turnaround cases verified by the Northridge California Chamber of Commerce in this web site. 
Everyone else struggles in their business because they have wrong knowledge!
Isn't that obvious?  Or am I the only person that thinks this is obvious. 
If you try to do something and it does not work then your knowledge as to how to do that is wrong!  Isn't that obvious?  Everyone else read a book and thought it was true so they're out there trying to 'close' a sale and are hoping for a 'closer'.  The author of the book does not have to do it over 100 times and make a living at it.  All the author has to do is write the book and sell the book and better yet make it seem easy.  The reality is that it isn't easy, not even for me after all these years!
None of the businesses with the wrong knowledge have a Predictable Sales Result of at least 30% or better of all presentations as you can see in my 17 verified turnaround cases.
And no one has done it in way over 100 companies of all kinds, of all sizes and all over the country and Canada, just working on the phone and never seeing the client.
So let us begin.
What I call a SALES ENGINE is a Sales Process that yields a Predictable Sales Close Ratio. 
Only if you have scripted presentation that generates a Predictable Sales Close Ratio do you know that you have a Sales Engine that can TAKE MARKET SHARE away from your competitors. 
If you don't have that and are depending on your 'closers' then you'll have no power in the marketplace.  Do you understand?
It's actually even worse than that. 
Your independent sales reps, saying whatever comes to mind, will totally destroy any hope for your company to have a marketing position that can take market share from your competitors.  Explaining this will take too long here but I will explain it to you if we work together.
Back to the SALES ENGINE.
I call it a SALES ENGINE because it's like an engine in a race car.  Without it you'll go nowhere.
And like a normal engine, you build it first before you put it in the car and make it propel the car.
You work hard because you have no SALES ENGINE in your vehicle (your business).  So you're out there pushing the vehicle instead of sitting comfortably in the vehicle (your business) moving forward and beating the competition.
But this is not enough.  
It has to be SYNCHRONIZED with the Frame and Gauges in the car.
The FRAME is the operating system in your company that holds the company together.
Whatever Frame you currently have will not hold your company together when the strong engine comes alive. 
If you're going from $ ZERO NET per month to $30,000 NET/month in 24 months just imagine what this means to your Gross Sales/month.  Whatever systems you currently have and whatever people you have will be hopelessly inadequate.  That's why a business doing $400,000 Gross Sales/year will destroy itself at $800,000 Gross Sales/year.  I've seen this over and over again.  I'll discuss the Frame later.
The GAUGES are the financial controls in your company.
You need to be able to look at 5 gauges and determine that your company is doing well even if you don't have time to look at your accounting.  Whatever Gauges you have today are hopelessly inadequate for your future.  I'll discuss this later.
So back to the SALES ENGINE.
This is where we need to sweat blood.
You and I will think until our head hurts.  You will look at me like I'm totally mad simply because you have never gone through this process before.  But you'll be very happy when you get through all this and make a lot of money.
I will not tell you how I do this here because it is PROPRIETARY KNOWLEDGE.
But the bottom line is, while I am going to make you think, I will decide and create the process because I have the knowledge, expertise and decades of experience!    If you could do it, you would have done it long ago.  I'm sorry if this hurts your ego.  You'll have to choose between your ego or a lot of money.
And when the SALES ENGINE starts to yield a predictable sales close ratio using a process , my question to you will be 'how rich do you want to be'? 
The money you make will only be dependent on your willingness to do the process as often as you want!
And of course, eventually have your sales people do the process.  And although most business people tell me that they want to be rich, when the money starts gushing in, as it will, most business people stop at the level of their comfort.  Hopefully not you.
What I'm building for you is a model of a successful business in your industry. 
It's like the first McDonald's or first Subway or first Jiffy Lube. 
It's a working model of a business that works in your industry.
This is what this model is worth!
Once it generates $30,000 NET/month you only need to replicate it 5 more times to get to $2,000,000 NET/year.  And when you do, it may be possible to go public at 30 times NET for $60 Million.  So do you see the importance of the model I will be building for you? 
Even if you don't want to get that far, you can easily get to $1,000,000 NET PROFIT/year!  With adequate margins, when you are doing $30,000 NET/month and we have structured your business to maximize your business to maximize variable costs and minimize fixed costs then you're almost there!  Odds are, by doubling your sales you'll get to $80,000 NET/month which is $1,000,000 NET/year.  And that will give you a lifestyle you never experienced before!
Most business owners have a hard time just accepting $30,000  NET/month.
Even when they have it they won't go further and some even go backwards to a more comfortable lower level.  It has everything to do with how they view themselves internally. 
It is not my purpose here to reveal the PROPRIETARY KNOWLEDGE that I use to create this CUSTOM SALES ENGINE but only to give you an idea of what we are going to build.
But when we work together you will have to learn the Theory and practice so that you can continue to use the CUSTOM SALES ENGINE and not destroy it!
And don't forget that this is not enough.
We still have to work on the FRAME and GAUGES and make them get into sync with the SALES ENGINE.  If we don't the SALES ENGINE will tear up the company just as a big engine will make a car crash that's not built to take the power.