You can't simply put a large powerful engine in a car not suited for it and win a race.
This is simple but do you understand this?  You can't put a super horsepower engine in your daily commuter and go to the Indy 500 and win.  If you can understand this concept then you will understand what a FRAME is in business.
In business your FRAME is the operating system that holds the company together.
You need to be able to hire and make the new hire fully operational in 5 working days. 
Either that or your productivity will go down the sink with this new person taking up the time of your other people.  And your profitability will also go down because you are paying for 2 people that are doing the job of 1 person.
You need to be able to handle increased and accelerating sales.
You need to be able to handle the thruput in the business in terms of the paperwork flow or if you are manufacturing, the ability to actually make the product at a rate perhaps 5 times greater than you are doing today.  You are after all going to grow from say, $zero net/month to $30,000 NET PROFITS/month in 24 months, right?  And that means your gross sales will grow to a large number.  So your operating systems in your company need to be build to handle that level of activity.
You need to be able to have a lot of spare time to think!
If you don't then you'll descend into chaos and your business will be in shambles! 
Have a look at Case Study # 14 in my Northidge Chamber of Commerce Verified Case Studies.
Company Name: Suzan L. Anderson, Attorney & Counselor at Law
Maybe you can relate.
You need to build a frame that will hold your business together in the future not just today.
Even if you are self-employed with no employees you need to decide how big you are going to be and what that looks like and what systems you need to be able to cope with it.  Either that or you will work harder and harder and harder and run out of time.  That will limit your profitability and survivability.  And the chaos that will ensue when you grow can destroy your business.
You need to build your FRAME with a view of the future size of your business not it's size today!
If you have a business that has employees and manufactures a product then you already understand chaos.  If you are going to grow strongly they you will have to redo all your internal systems in order to not descend into business destroyng chaos.
Whatever operating systems you have today are probably inadequate.
If your business were working even a little bit you would be think that everything is just fine.  It isn't but there is no way for a typical business owner to tell if it isn't inadequate because he is not growing at 100% or more a year. 
Your inadequate FRAME can destroy your business.
Once you start growing strongly the inadequate FRAME will slap you across your face!  You will descend into chaos.  You want to make a lot of money, right?  What happens to your company when your sales are up 300%?  Heck, what's happening to your business for the little growth you are experiencing?  Most likely, you are working harder and harder to keep everything from falling apart!  Unfortunatley, that won't solve the problem unless what you want is a heart attack.
Most businesses I walk into are suffering from this.  After all, are you a trained systems designer?  Of course not! 
The knowledge for building a good FRAME does not come from business! 
It comes from computer science!  How many business owners have a background in computer science?  The typical business owner does not have the analytical prowess to design an efficient FRAME because he has no background in systems design.  Yet the FRAME is what will hold the business together as  it accelerates!  And by acceleration I mean when the business sales grow strongly.  Without a strong FRAME the business descends into chaos which can destroy it.   Businesses stop growing even if they have demand because the business owner is already killing himself working beyond his endurance to keep the business from falling apart. 
Fortunately, I have the background in systems design because of the half decade plus years I spent in leading edge software design and I was very good at it. 
Your FRAME is not only inadequate but inefficient.
There's money that should be in your pocket that is being burned up by the inefficiency!  Again, the business owner is not a trained systems analyst.  He normally knows how to do the job but has no training in how to build the systems to have the company do the job.
I'll teach you how you create this because that's the only way you will be able to manage it.