Does your company have a formally trained financial analyst?  Of course not.
But all the Fortune 1000 do as part of their Corporate Strategist team!  Do you wonder why they win big? 
All small companies have is their CPA to ask questions regarding their numbers.  But CPAs don't know.
CPAs are not formally trained financial analysts. 
They make their money by having the government make our tax rules overly complicated.  They spend their time pouring over these overly complicated tax rules that keep us in the dark and dependent on them.
The CPAs won't structure your financials so that you can understand their simplicity. 
Even if they knew how which is doubtful (I've never met one yet in all these years), they won't.  They need to keep you in the dark regarding your financial structure so that they can make money out of you.
So the net result is that when I walk into a business in trouble they can't read their accounting reports!
It makes no sense to them. 
That's because their accounting and financial reporting are not structured properly!  And this is just the beginning of being in financial control!
Here's an example of the mess CPAs make.
I remember a client of mine that, at $400,000/year Gross Sales, was profitable but at $1,000,000/year Gross Sales was going bankrupt.  As usual I ask for his financial reports.  And then I asked him if he understood it and to explain it to me.  At this point he (and all business owners) got angry and embarrassed and asked me to explain it to him.  I told him that he was right.  Even I can't understand it and I have a Master's Degree in Finance!
So what's wrong with this picture?
Well we went to the CPA that prepared all of his financials and I angrily asked him why he was giving my client a bunch of nothing!  The CPA, shocked by the intensity of my anger (hey, my client was going to lose his home!) blurted out that he had patterned the Income Statement after the Tax Return.
Oh, my God.  I finally figured out why all the accounting reports structured by a CPA are useless!
I finally found out why all of the clients I had been visiting for years had unreadable financials.  Their CPAs were making it easy for themselves to have a low paid clerk fill out the Tax Return by making the Income Statement look almost like the Tax Return.  That way the low paid clerk only had to move the accounting categories into the same categories in the Tax Return!  They had no problem having their business client not be able to understand the financial reporting!  Actually, that's a good thing for a CPA since he can maintain control over his client!
I've never found a good CPA able or willing to help their client.
In any case since CPAs haven't the slightest clue how to sell or create a sales process, all their advise has to do with 'creating deductions' and deductions never made anyone rich.  So much for CPAs.
So step one is to get the accounting reporting to the point where the business owner or his child can read it!  It needs to make sense!
More importantly you need custom metrics in your business.
The GAUGES are the custom metrics in your business.
Of course we have the standard reports from you accounting which we need to fix so they're readable.
But beyond that you need measures that show you what the company is really doing,
If you were in manufacturing, you might need some kind of measure of your future orders versus your current sales.  You certainly need measures of sales to phone calls for each of your phone sales people if you were telemarketing.  And it goes on and on.
Hopefully we can keep this to 5 measures so that we don't get blinded by excess data.
These are the measures that, if they meet the budgeted expectations, your company will be just fine.  They are called the decision variables because if these numbers vary beyond a certain pre-determined range, we need to make the decision to see what is wrong in the company.
All companies are different in this regard.
In a race car you always have GAUGES and different cars have different GAUGES.  Sure, they have the standard speedometer and tachometer but beyond that it all depends.  Some need turbo temperature GAUGES and others do not since they don't have a turbo.
Similarly each business needs CUSTOM GAUGES.  
I will create these CUSTOM GAUGES for you and teach you how to use them because without them you are flying in the dark!