Jay Veneaux
By the grace of GOD I was lucky.
My dad was SELF MADE & WEALTHY and I was smart.
I grew up with servants taking care of my daily needs allowing me to study full time for 20 years! 
I went to the best private school in the country for 17 years then went to UCLA for 2 more years and 1 more year for my thesis.
I had 20 years of full time education and and was a good student with fabulous grades!
In my elite school we had calculus in the 7th grade, were doing book report on James Joyce in the 5th grade. 
My grades were always fabulous.
High Shool was a lot of math.
In College I did a double degree Business & Economics honor's course.
My professor in Economics had a Ph.D. from Harvard.
I had straight A's except for year 1 and 2 when I had a few B's.
I was accepted at Wharton to do an MBA, but I had done most of it in my undergraduate work.
So I went to UCLA for a Master's Degree in Management which was 2 years + a thesis on the way to a Ph.D.
It was not a simple MBA.
I had no interest in the Ph.D which was only 1 year away because I did not want to teach.
I wanted to do!
Given these gifts, I dedicated my life to saving small business owners
who without my expertise would have lost their businesses, their homes and perhaps broken their families.
What was at risk for these people was not just money but their lives!
All the business problems were difficult but my expertise surmounted them and I did GOOD and did interesting things.
I was never bored.
Starting n 1985 I did 10 cases at a time and about 20 cases a year, doing over 200 of them over the years!
I have 17 Chamber of Commerce Verified Cases which you can read here in this web site.
They are in all kinds of industries and all over the country and Canada.
I did most of them by talking on the phone and never seeing them!
Because of this I have a level of expertise beyond the vast majority of business owners.
Like anything worth doing, there was a BIG SACRIFICE on my way to the quest
to be able to quickly grow any company, anywhere, in any economy, with any product.
I gave myself 10 years to figure it out!
In the first 3 years I could only (?) increase my client business Gross Sales by 200% to 300%.
They were happy and I was disgusted because I wanted to create PREDICTABLE SALES that would lead to EXPLOSIVE GROWTH!
By the 4th year my expertise had grown to where I could do what I wanted
which was CREATE A PREDICTABLE SALES RESULT in my client businesses which resulted in EXPLOSIVE GROWTH.
At the end of the 10th year I could write a tome on the subject.
As far as I know I'm the only person that can do this because I dedicated 20 years of my life to this one quest.
If you know someone else I'd like to meet them because it's lonely doing this all by myself!
Master of Science in Management
Anderson School of Management
at the University of California at Los Angeles
(2 years + thesis on the way to a Ph.D. .. not a simple MBA)
Bachelor of Arts (Economics) and Bachelor of Business Administration
(17 years ending in an elite double Honors course at the best University in a nation)
(De La Salle University. like a Princeton in the USA)
Established Corporate Strategist in 1985
to save a few businesses that would otherwise not survive their competition!
Northridge Chamber of Commerce Director, 1995-98
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