My two classic 911 Porsches
These are my two classic 911 Porsches. 
The triple Black 911 Carrera is a  the perfect cruiser  is a Euro with Digital Motor Electronics with sunroof, air, electric windows.
Silver is a 1978 911SC euro with no sunroof, no air, no electric windows and faster than the wind!  It currently has Bilsteins, racing Seats, adjustable sway Charlie bars and is a racer.
I love these machines because of the excellence in the engineering.  They never break and they last forever!
Me sitting by Black & Silver behind.  Me between my 2 pets               Silver & Black nose to nose
On the track holding helmet             Going around the track         Waving before going on the track
Ready get set, go!                          With instructor on the track    Sitting on Silver after the weekend
In northern Nevada