Positive Mental Attitude
Yes, Positive Mental Attitude will destroy your business.
They sold you all the seminars, books and tapes and you're still poor or still struggling and not getting the money you want out of your business.
So what's wrong with this picture?
Why the obvious, of course.
These people are in the business of selling you books, seminars and tapes, and NOT giving you the POWER to win against your competitor.
Here's a simple analogy.
Business is war. 
Don't kid yourself. 
There are competitors that are brutal and have a 'take no prisoners' attitude.
So they show up at the battleground with arms.  Lets say they have a gun.
You show up with Positive Mental Attitude and you're totally pumped up.
But you don't have any arms, just Positive Mental Attitude.
The competitor shoots you.  You're dead.  Game over.
You were pretty stupid to show up at the war without a weapon!
Here's what it looks like in business.
In business, you show up with Positive Mental Attitude.  Your competitor shows up with very good marketing.  He out sells you.  You don't get enough sales because he took it.  You lose money.  You're bankrupt.
That's why Positive Mental Attitude does not work!
OK. It got you out of the couch and you actually got a few things done.
But bottom line is that you don't have the knowledge of how to take market share from your competitor so he takes it from you and eats your lunch and puts you out of business.
Do you understand?
You better.
Your life is on the line!