Working Hard
This is a mantra of all business owners.
I am working hard they say and everyone else within earshot nods their heads in approval.  So you might think that it is the way to success.  Wrong!
It is absolutely the way to NOT succeed!  Now do you think I'm nuts?
Well if you are working hard then how will you cope with an increase in sales of, say, 300% to 500%?  You won't, that's how.  You won't because you won't have any more time available to handle the growth.  All that will happen is you will explode!  And if you can't handle major grown, why are you working so hard anyway?  You're not going anywhere anyway!
You know what I mean.
You are in already overwhelmed with the tasks before you.
Already you are stretching yourself thin to just get through the day.
So how in blazes will you ever have enough time to cope with any growth, much less major growth in size which will give you major profits?
So if you no longer have any time to handle the growth, well you can't grow without destroying your company.  So why are you working so hard?  You can't go anywhere anyway.
The problem is that the business owner is working in one or more of the employee positions and that's eating up all his time.
So you're dead in the water if you're working hard.
The only way is to WORK LESS.
The truth is that being a business owner is a cerebral job, not a physical one.
You need time to think.
You need to time plan, organize and execute through your employees.
Forget about working hard.
It's the path to failure as you can see now.