You really don't own your business!
Do you own a business?
Silly question, you say? Are you sure?
If you cannot create a PREDICTABLE RESULT out of your MARKETING and SALES PROCESS then what do you own?
You own the cost factors in the business!
You own the lease, the payroll, the taxes, the worker's comp,etc.
What you own are the costs, the risks and the fear!
These can be owned with anyone with enough money to pay for them. At least until they run out of cash.
What you don't own is the method with which you create PREDICTABLE Gross Income in your business. Without this, you simply don't own a business. You only own the risk of the business.
Look at McDonald's. They don't own any of the risk factors. They don't own the buildings. They don't own the leases. They don't own the payroll. They don't own the worker's comp. They don't own the risk.
What they own is the marketing and sales process that creates the sales on which they earn royalties. They really own the business. The franchisees own all the risk
Now. Do you own your business?  Probably not!  
You just think you own your business but in reality, it owns you!
You know what I mean, don't you!