Giving 'good service'
When in your lifetime have you ever gone into a store or bought a product or a service and then left thinking ... 'wow, they give good service!'   I never have.  If you have it's been few and far between.
So what's wrong with this picture?
If I ask a business owner if he gives good service the answer is always yes!
But the customers don't ever see that because it's really not happening!
In fact one of the worse things you can ever say in your marketing is that you 'give good service'. 
Most of the market has heard that often and gotten disappointed every time they've believed it.  The result is that when they hear those words the quickly assume that it's not true!  So you can't get the market to believe you even if you do in fact give 'good service' which is doubtful.
Even if you give 'good service', odds are that 'good service' is not defined in the customer's mind like it is in yours.  You you kill yourself for the customer and the customer does not even recognize the 'good service' you are giving.
That's why the marketplace has a definition of 'good service' as 'yea, right. another lying salesman or business owner'.