Thinking you'll be just fine because you're established
I've seen the arrogance of business owners that have a business of a certain size and age
They think they have it made.  They think they are invulnerable.
Yet if you analyze the company you'll find that they don't have a PREDICTABLE MARKETING PROCESS that yields them a PREDICTABLE SALES RESULT.
They are in business by luck. 
The marketplace has given them a position just because they have been there for a while.  The business owner does not really understand why the market buys them.  Sure, they come up with the usual litany like 'we give good service' or 'our product is good' or 'we are established'.
But they don't control the result, their customers do.
It's easy to take their market share and put them out of business because they do not understand or control their market. 
Have a look at the case study of Buena Park Auto Tech where we took the market from a large Volvo dealer that was in the location for over 25 years. 
My client, Buena Park Auto Tech, was starving to death and I came to his rescue (which is what I do) and created MARKETING POWER. 
The dealer, not really knowing why customers bought from him, and not knowing how to create a response, went out of business.  The only response was their lawyer threatening to sue.  But he couldn't because we had done nothing wrong.  We just marketed better than they did.
Normally I don't see the competitor bleed and die when we take their market.  But in this case the competitor was a half a block away.   I knew we were hurting them because they tried to attack us because they could see that our shop parking lot was filled with Volvos and their lot was losing them. 
The only thing the dealership owner could think of since he knew nothing about marketing is to have his lawyer harass my client for the last 4 months they were in business.  One day we looked up and all the 50 cars in his lot were gone and their two story building was empty.  They bankrupted!  That was the 17th month of my work.  The competitor was bankrupt and my client had gone from zero net profit for the month to $17,000 net profit for the month!
Of course I could have used my talents to have this bigger competitor crush our little auto repair shop.  It would be easier since the big company has more resources (money and people) that I can re-deploy. 
But I rather help the little guy fight back against the big guy who has all the money and resources and is pounding my client to death.  Saving the business owner that's hurting seems a good way to use my God given talents. 
There's something else that is important.
Whether we create it or the marketplace creates it, we have a marketing position. 
That is to say that the world thinks about your product or service in a certain way.  For example most people think of safety when they think about a Volvo car.
Now the problem with this is that once we have a marketing position it's very hard to change! 
So we're pretty much stuck with it.  Volvo tried to make their cars 'cool' with the Volvo 850 model but the young people wouldn't buy it because Volvo reminded them of the safe car their mom used to transport them to school.  And Volvo failed and was bought out by Ford.
The fact that the company's or product or service has a fixed marketing position is it's vulnerability.
The older and more 'established' the company is, the more fixed this marketing position is.  So they are stuck with it and cannot change it.
This allows the smaller company to figure out a better marketing position and take their market because the bigger established company cannot alter their marketing position quickly enough to defend themselves.
I used this concept against the Volvo dealer in the Buena Park Auto Tech case.
This is so powerful I like being the last competitor in the marketplace. 
Let everyone else carve their market niches and get established.  At that point their marketing position is frozen.  All I have to do is come up with a better marketing position and take their market.
Do you understand?
This also leads to the fact that you need to do lot of research and thinking to choose your own marketing position because you won't be able to change it easily.  You need to choose the best one and consider how it might be attacked and why how can defend it or you'll end up being the established business that is vulnerable.