Hiring a good salesman
I've seen it all before.  Just look at the Sunday newspapers.  It's littered with ads for 'good salesmen' and 'closers'.  Just read those carefully and what it really means is this.
'Good salesman wanted to make me rich'
It never really works because you only get two types of salesmen and these are the bad ones and the good one.
Most of the people that show up can't sell. 
They are the bad ones.  You might think that this is the worst thing that happened to you.  But this is not so.
The worst thing that happened to you is that you found a good salesman and this is why.
When he starts to realize that he is the best salesman you have then he will start pressuring you for a bigger and bigger cut.  And if you let him go you may lose a significant portion of your sales.  I've seen that significant number be as high as 50%!
Or, he may simply find your competitor that will be happy to contract with him to sell the same product or service you have and give him a higher commission.  In which case he will leave with your customer base and there's nothing you can do about it.
Here is a situation I was called on to save. 
He was a manufacturer of industrial clothes hangers made out of steel and then chromed.  You've seen them at the department stores with clothes hanging from them.
I got a phone call and the caller was desperately asking me to help this manufacturer.  I went there and saw his big building with steel rods all over the floor as well as semi finished product laying about.  There were no people in the factory.  I then walked into the second floor offices and walked into the owner's office.
There he was, sitting behind his desk, pale as can be just staring at the wall in front of him.  I thought he was having a heart attack.
I introduced myself and told him that his friend had called me and ask I come over to see if I could help.  I asked him what had happened.
He told me that he had hired a lady about three years ago that was a good salesperson.  She had gone out and gotten him all kinds of business.  He was very happy.  But last month the lady simply didn't show up for work.  She had simply quit by not showing up.
But what he noticed in this month was that his customers were not re-ordering.  He had lost his best customers that accounted for more than half his production and now the overhead was creating huge losses.  He had  tried calling those customers and got all kinds of excuses about why they were no longer buying from him.  He quickly ran out of cash and couldn't make payroll so his production people left.
What had happened is that his good salesperson had taken the accounts and found a competitor that was more than happy to produce to order.  She had loyalty to her family first and to her employer last. 
It was too late for the business owner.  He was out of cash and out of sales by the time I got there.  I left thinking that all this could have been averted had he called me to help him create a MARKETING PROCESS THAT HE OWNED AND NOT ONE THAT HIS SALESPERSON OWNED.
But of course, business owners that are doing well haven't a clue how vulnerable they are.