Your employees are driving you nuts!
You know it, don't you.
Employees are one of the most difficult problems in your business.
Not only can't you find good ones but after you found what you think are good ones they turn out to not to be good at all.
So you try everything to get them to work instead of just slowing everything down.  And nothing works!
If you only have 2 to 4  employees in your company they know that they have you. 
You can't easily replace them and firing them would disrupt your company.  So you put up with the low productivity just to keep the peace and not disrupt the company.
And if you find a good one or two suddenly you are dependent on them and god help you they should leave!  And when they know that they ask for raises and you over pay them.
So either way you have a major problem with employees.
The reason is that you are not a trained systems analyst.
After all the way you got to be in business is that you knew how to do the service or make the product.  No one ever told you that your employees would hold you to ransom!  You expected them to be happy to be employed but it turns out they spend their time tearing into each other or tearing into you to one degree or another.
There are structured ways to take control of your company and have your employees be productive.  You just don't know how and why would you.  You know how to make the product or do the service.  No one ever taught you how to put these crazies under control.
Worse still because of your lack of control of these costs of business your business can easily start losing money.
Of what I've seen, at $100,000 to $400,000 in gross sales these problems don't surface and you can be profitable even though you are leaving a lot of money behind. 
But by the time you get to $800,000 per year gross sales, then all hell breaks lose.  I've seen it over and over again.  Little businesses that were profitable crash and burn at $800,000 per year gross sales.
That's because you've hired more employees and their productivity sinks. 
You hire a new person and they take up the time of a current employee.  The result is less thru put with two employees than one.  Your business systems are not designed for this new level of business so your sales per employee and more importantly, your net profits per employee sinks. 
At this $800,000 gross sales then the business has transformed from the entrepreneurial level where you can try to catch everything  to where you need a structured system to handle the volume.  And of course the problem gets bigger as you grow.  This is the level at which most businesses fail.  You can't get to the multi million level without the skill set of being a systems analyst.  
But you were never trained to be a systems analyst.  So you either continue small and vulnerable or try to get bigger and crash. 
You're between a rock and a hard place.