You have a good product or service
If you are thinking that you can make it because you have a good product or service then I suggest to you that you don't understand business and you'll be eaten alive by the competitors.
It's all about marketing and not about the product or service.
If a business could win with a good product or service  then:
1. McDonald's should cease to exist and not be the world's biggest burger  joint!  No one wakes up hoping to have a Big Mac today as the highlight of their day!  No one ever says they have wonderful food!  There used to be wonderful burger joints long ago but they were put out of business by McDonald's!
2. Apple computer would dominate the PC world since Microsoft operating systems are notoriously buggy and keep crashing and Apple's operating systems don't.
3. Volvo would be the biggest car company in the world because they used to build cars that would easily go 500,000 miles!  They had badges for the car marked 100,000 miles, 250,000 miles and 500,000 miles!  I know that was true because I had a 1984 Volvo that ran and ran way past 400,000 miles and it didn't even rattle.  For that matter I ran it without oil once and it poured black smoke through the edges of the hood.  And I ran it without water twice and it poured white smoke through the edges of the hood.  And it kept on going and it didn't even rattle.  It would go and go and go and it didn't even feel tired!  Yet Volvo didn't make it and sold out to Ford, notorious for building cars that fall apart under 100,000 miles.
4. No one would drink a Coke or Pepsi since if you pour either one of them on your car and let it sit, it will eat right through your car's paint!  And you put Coke and Pepsi in your body?  That's nuts!
5. The world would be beating a path to your door!
Do you get it yet?
It's about marketing, not product or service!