Going to those seminars
Going to all those seminars either for sales, marketing, hiring, etc is just mostly a total waste of time.
You're not going to learn enough from any seminar that to make a significant difference in your business nor will it allow you to defend yourself from a strong competitor.
You don't think so?
Well what do you remember about the seminar you took five years ago?  Not much.
The reason is people forget 80% of what they've heard by the next day and the day after they forget 95% or more.
Worse still is the fact that you need to orchestrate your business.
All of the pieces must run in unison.  If you implement or upgrade an area you might create disharmony in the business with the result of diminished sales and/or profits.  You can't take just one part of a business and try to improve it without taking into consideration what the repercussions of the change may be.
Seminars are good for getting out of the office and goofing off.
And if you will do that then take the seminar on a Cruise Ship or a Vacation destination you always wanted to go to.
Seminars are really good for those people giving them.
Just count how many people are attending and how much each is paying.  It's a lot!  And the seminar presenters don't even have to take responsibility of the improvements (or destruction) that their ideas will supposedly make in their businesses.
They just take the money, entertain you and leave with your money.  It's a good gig.