Relationship Marketing
I've heard this a lot!
Business owners tell me that they will do quite well because of relationship marketing.  They tell me that the buyer 'knows' them and they have been buddies since forever.
They tell me that have a friend or an 'in' with a company that they sell to.  They tell me that they have made friends with their buyers. 
Even if this works with your friends, how do you grow?  How many friends do you have?  So after you've used up all your friends then your company is at a standstill.
There is no loyalty when it comes to money. 
The reality is that if someone else came into your market and sells to your 'friend' and uses a lower price, better product and better delivery then your 'friend' will take care of #1, themselves, and abandon you.
You would go for the better deal all they long wouldn't you?  You certainly will not lose money in your business or have headaches in your business just to take care of your 'friend'.  You won't and neither will they!
You are building your business on sand and it will not stand the test of time! 
You're just wasting effort on a client that will leave because you aren't the best deal he can find.
When I create superior marketing the easiest customers to sell are the ones that have 'relationships' with their suppliers.  Just read the PALMER COMPANY case study. 
They took an extra $3,000,000 in sales out of their marketplace in about a half a year!  All of these clients ALREADY had suppliers of cleaning solvents for their companies and they dropped their previous suppliers and went with Palmer. 
Obviously the hold those suppliers had on their customers was weak and probably based on a 'relationship' spanning years!  We just took it. 
Do you understand?  Your life is at risk because your business is at risk.