Jay Veneaux's
 'RETIRE RICH' Seminar
at the Northridge California Chamber of Commerce
in the mid 1990s
Jay Veneaux explaining how he takes small businesses from
$400,000 Gross Profits with NO NET Profits or Losses to $400,000 NET PROFITS in 36 months!
And why the business owner will end up POOR after a LIFETIME OF WORK if he can't do that.
(HINT:  You could do that if you had a Predictable and Consistent Sales Close Ratio!)
These pictures are from my RETIRE RICH SEMINAR at 7pm on Wednesdays at the Northridge California Chamber of Commerce in the mid 1990's while I was a director of the Chamber.  
My services are not open to just anyone because my client companies TAKE SALES FROM THEIR COMPETITORS! 
So only a few business owners from different industries that had the potential to be my clients were invited to see what I do.  Therefore my seminars were small.  I only invited between 4 and 8 to my seminar at any given time.  These pictures were taken by a seminar atendee in 1996.  There were only 5 invitees there.  You can see 4 of them and 1 of them is taking the pictures.
Retire Rich or Poor!  That is the Question!
Making a point!                               Attentdees in Data Overload!
Explaining a point.                                 Attendees taking notes!
                    Northridge Chamber of Commerce Director, 1995-98
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