Verified Case Study # 2
Company Name: Palmer Company
Owner/Contact: Jeff Heeren, V.P. Marketing
Type of Company: Industrial Cleaning Supply Manufacturing Reps
                               (Rep organization & not manufacturer)
Size of Company: $6 Million Gross/Year, 40 Employees, 25 Representatives, 4 Offices, 25 years old.
Verification by: Mr. Scott Spooner. Past President of the Northridge Chamber of Commerce.  Click here.
Methodology: Phone only.  I never saw Mr. Heeren.
Problem: Losing sales for years due to inability to get new accounts.
The Result:
In 24 months, I took Palmer from a weak and dwindling $6,000,000/year to $9,000,000/year  which meant a minimum increase of $1,000,000/year NET  PROFITS!
This massive increase in gross sales and net profit happened because I created a CUSTOM SALES ENGINE which is a custom marketing position and custom scripted sales process for them which yielded a predictable and consistent 71% close ratio when selling to new accounts even though their products were commodity items that the target market already had!  Without the script his sales people couldn't even get appointments.  With it they were all at 71%!
All his sales force used the same Sales Engine and all of them had massively improved results!  Imagine if all your sales people suddenly could sell as well or better than your top 20% instead of living with your current 80/20 rule which means that your 80% of your sales people aren't selling much.  How rich would you be?  Very!
Click here to see the Results letter showing a 71% sales close ratio using a Sales Engine I created.
The Mission Impossible story: 
What a mess. 
Palmer was at the time a 25 year old company with 4 offices in the Mid-West. In the past 6 years the company was stuck around $6,000,000 in sales and losing ground to competitors. They sell industrial cleaning supplies to clean walls and floors. They do not manufacture. Jeff Heeren is the V.P. Marketing person and 25% owner of the company. The company has 40 employees of which 25 are sales people. Basically, their salespeople had no ability to open new accounts and they were losing accounts to competitors.
Palmer was drifting downwards for years.  They represented products that clean commercial establishment's floors and walls.  They gave each of their sales people a geographic area to take care of.  Their job was to go visit all the businesses in the area and try to get them to use their products.  Their reps could not open new accounts.
Now let's get this right.  If you showed up at a business and asked them to use your cleaning products on their walls and floors what do you think would happen?  For starters all these businesses ALREADY have products to clean their floors and walls with.  So obviously, they aren't looking for some new products.  The result is that the salesmen weren't getting new accounts and suffering high rejection pain. In the meantime they were losing their existing accounts little by little.  They were drifting downwards for years.
My Mission Impossible was to create a Scripted Sales Process that would result in predictable sales when the product is nothing more than a commodity that no one had reason to buy it and replace what they already had.  And I did!
Jeff is a very nice fellow and great to work with. He treats his salespeople too well.
Click here to see the Results letter showing a 71% sales close ratio using a Sales Engine I created.