Verified Case Study # 4
Company Name: CMS
Owner/Contact:  Gordon Affeldt, Owner
Type of Company:  Maintenance of Calculators
Size of Company:  Zero Gross Sales, no net, working alone at home selling calculators.
Verification by: Mr. Scott Spooner. Past President of the Northridge Chamber of Commerce.  Click here.
Methodology:  Visit.  I visited Mr. Affeldt's office.
Problem: Selling calculators out of home. Little gross. No net.
In 19 months, I took CMS from nothing going on to over $180,000/year in the bank in his home based business!
Gordon was trying to sell calculators out of his home but he could not compete against Price Club.  So I created a new service which was to maintain calculators because Gordon was very quiet and did not like to sell so he needed to sell an annuity.  For that new absurd concept I created CUSTOM SALES ENGINE which is a Custom Marketing Position and a Custom Scripted Sales Process  that gave him a PREDICTABLE AND CONSISTENT SALES RESULT of 50%! 
Now no one in their right mind should ever buy maintenance on their calculators and especially not during the first year since they have a one year warrantee from the manufacturer and last at least 3 years!  The price we charged could replace the calculator in 3 years so our service was total abject nonsense!  Even with Gordon hardly liking to talk to anyone, he used my sales process and sold 50% of his presentations on a consistent basis and ended up with over $180,000/year of maintenance income which allowed him to semi retire and go fishing!
Click here to see the Results letter showing PREDICTABLE 50% close ratio selling maintenance on calculators using a Sales Engine I created!
The Mission Impossible story: 
What a Mess. Nothing here. 
Gordon was working out of his home and trying to sell calculators.  But Price Club had just opened and their retail price was higher than Gordon's wholesale price.  He had 2 children ages 12 and 13 and a wife that worked minimum wage.  He was in danger of losing his home and having his whole family be homeless!
Gordon was a laid off calculator repair person. His company laid him off before his retirement was vested so he had nothing and was over 50 years old when I met him.  He was not very healthy.  He had already had a heart attack.
He was trying to make a living selling calculators out of his home, plus doing cheap repair work.  His dealer cost for the calculators was higher than Price Club retail prices so he had little success selling calculators.  He did get calculator repair work occasionally out of a Yellow Page ad and he got the work because he was the cheapest repair person in town.  He was not making a living.
He was a very quiet man and unable to pick up the phone and telemarket.  I needed to create a sales system that would pay him an annuity so he would not have to make too many sales.  I created the idea of creating a company that maintained calculators for a fee.  It was very far fetched. 
We charged $29 per year to maintain a small $100 calculator.  The bad news was that no one needed it since you have a warrantee for the first 12 months and calculators last at least 3 years.  The good news was that we had no competition.  It was a pure marketing play.  Gordon semi retired when he ended up with over $180,000 in maintenance contracts and went fishing.
My Mission Impossible was to save Gordon and his family from becoming homeless when his business didn't have any hope to work.  And I did!
Click here to see the Results letter showing PREDICTABLE 50% close ratio selling maintenance on calculators using a Sales Engine I created!