Verified Case Study # 8
Company Name: Fox Plumbing Supply Inc.
Owner/Contact: Allen L. Fox, Co-owner with his brother Brett
Type of Company: Plumbing & Home Improvement Store
Size of Company: $1,000,000 per year gross
Verification by: Mr. Scott Spooner. Past President of the Northridge Chamber of Commerce.  Click here.
Methodology: Phone only.  I never saw Mr. Fox.
Problem: No sales growth. No way to create new sales. No profit and close to closing down.
In 8 months, I took Fox Plumbing Supply from zero net profit to the potential of making an extra $7,500,000 net profit/year and more!
I identified the contractor as a wholesale customer that would buy a relatively large amount of product yearly and created a CUSTOM SALES ENGINE which is a Custom Marketing Position and Custom Scripted Sales Process to get the contractor to come in and buy and not notice that their prices were much higher which was the reason they never bought from Fox.
The targeted contractor customer will spend a minimum of $30,000/year.  Fox will net about 33% or about $10,000/year.  With my CUSTOM SALES ENGINE he can easily get 3 customers a day, not much.  In a week that's 15 customers. In a 50 week year, that's 750 new customers.  At $10,000 net each that's an extra $7,500,000/net profit per year extra.  And that's only on getting 3 new customers a year for only 1 year.  Fixed costs will remain the same because they already have a store.
Out of 5 calls to contractors and 3 connects and deliveries of the process, 3 came in to buy! I created a  CUSTOM SALES ENGINE for Fox that they can use whenever they want new sales!  I had created a structured script that delivered a marketing position that resulted in a 100% sales close ratio.  The structured script was all they had to repeat to get the results they needed.
Allen had previously never sold in his life and was the one calling contractors cold!  He was the back office administration & accounting person in the company!
Click here to see the Results letter showing PREDICTABLE 100% sales close ratio using a Sales Engine I created!
The Mission Impossible story:
What a mess. 
Allen and Brett had taken over their father's plumbing supply store in a small city in Illinois and it was going downhill fast.  They had no way to predict who would come into their store and buy.  They had no way to predict their sales.  They had no way to make buyers come in and buy. 
They just sat there in their store waiting for someone to come into buy and many of the times they wasted a lot of time with potential buyers just to have them walk out not having bought anything.  They spent all their time giving 'good service' to customers that were coming in from the street and making too little on it to hold on to what they had. 
Worse yet they were the expensive store in town and their competitors were competing on price successfully.  They were a small store and could not possibly stock the range of items that larger stores could. 
They needed to do something or it would be over soon.  
They did not have anything special about their plumbing supply.  Worse still they were the most expensive plumbing store in town and their competitors were taking their business away.
My Mission Impossible was to turn them around although  they really had nothing that made them special enough to support their higher prices.  And I did it!
I identified both a retail customer and a wholesale customer, the small contractor.  I decided that we could entice the contractor to come and buy from Fox even if our prices were higher.  The average contractor bought $30,000/year worth of items.  The net profit on their sales was around 33% so that meant that each contractor would contribute $10,000/year to their net profits.
I created a  CUSTOM SALES ENGINE for them.  Allen called contractors directly and did the sales process.  The  CUSTOM SALES ENGINE worked and the 3 contractors he was able to contact came into the store and bought!  Allen did not have any previous sales experience at all.  He mainly dealt with the accounting and administration of the store.  All he had to do from here on is do the same process to acquire new contractors.
Click here to see the Results letter showing PREDICTABLE 100% sales close ratio using a Sales Engine I created!