Verified Case Study # 10
Company Name: Professional Moving
Owner/Contact: Russ Person
Type of Company: House and Apartment Mover
Size of Company: Zero Sales
Verification by:Mr. Scott Spooner. Past President of the Northridge Chamber of Commerce.  Click here.
Methodology: Phone only.  I never saw Mr. Person during this turnaround.
Problem: No sales. Just an idea to compete in the moving industry.
 In 12 months, I created a new business for a previous client and took him from an idea to a very profitable home moving business with 4 trucks and 8 to 12 employees.
I created a CUSTOM SALES ENGINE which is a Custom Marketing Position and a Custom Scripted Sales Process (Sales Engine)  that resulted in a predictable close ratio of 4 in 5 or 80%.  This was the second time I built a Sales Engine for the same client!  And this was for a different industry.  And he had zero experience in this new industry.  Now why would anyone ever use Russ who just got into the business rather than work with an established and reputable moving company?  Why my  CUSTOM SALES ENGINE, of course.
Second time for the same client and for a different industry!
Click here to see the Results letter showing a Predictable 80% sales close ratio using a Sales Engine I created.
The Mission Impossible story:
What a total mess. 
Nothing here.  No sales.  Just an idea of becoming a house mover just like all his competitors. 
Russ did not have anything that distinguished him from his competitors.  Worse still he had no experience in the industry.  He had never done it before!  He just wanted to do it.
I had built a CUSTOM SALES ENGINE for Russ a few years earlier for his Long Distance Telephone commission business.  That business had gotten him out of being an employee stuck in a cubicle and was doing well, giving him an annuity income.  It was doing well but he decided he wanted to compete in the moving industry in Santa Barbara/Solvang area because he wanted to get out of just sitting in his home telemarketing his Long Distance business.
He approached me asking for help again.  This time he wanted to compete in the moving business in the Santa Barbara/Solvang area. I built him another Sales Engine, this time for his moving business.
My Mission Impossible was to create a moving company for Russ even though Russ had never done it before and had no experience in it.  And I did!
Click here to see the Results letter showing a Predictable 80% sales close ratio using a Sales Engine I created.