Verified Case Study # 12
Company Name: Superior Graphics
Owner/Contact: Jon Vandable, salesman
Type of Company: Computer Generated Presentation Graphics for Corporations.
Size of Company: $1,000,000 per year gross sales
Verification by: Mr. Scott Spooner. Past President of the Northridge Chamber of Commerce.  Click here.
Methodology: Phone only.  I never saw Mr. Vandable.
Problem: No sales growth. No way to get new accounts.
 In 8 months, I took him from nearly being out of business to having too much business to handle.
I created a CUSTOM SALES ENGINE which is a Custom Marketing Position and a Custom Scripted Sales Process (Sales Engine) that resulted in an easy and predictable way to open new accounts.  I created a CUSTOM SALES ENGINE  for Superior Graphics that works even when delivered by a salesman that did not have a clue as to the work behind the script.  The new salesman did 110 cold calls and got 80 appointments. 
They had to stop it for a while because they were swamped with work!  They went from not being able to even talk to a decision maker to getting an appointment with him because he liked what he heard! 
From now on they had the Sales Engine that they could use to open up as many accounts as they wanted!  In the past they could not even get an appointment!
Click here to see the Results letter showing a 70% predictable sales close ratio using the Sales Engine I created.
The Mission Impossible story:
What a mess. 
They did not have any way to create new sales.  They could not get into the corporations that would use their high-end presentation graphics capabilities.   They were getting nowhere fast because they could not even get an appointment with anyone at the corporations that might use their high end presentation graphics.
Ever try calling a large corporation to sell them anything?  Yes I know.  It's impossible.  There are too many gatekeepers from the secretary to all the junior people.  It's impossible to get to the decision maker, even if you can even identify who that is.  And then to get them to decide on anything is impossible too.  Especially if you have something new to offer.  No one in large corporations wants to take the chance that it will be wrong.
My Mission Impossible was to create a Scripted Sales Process that not only would get by the layers of gatekeepers in large corporations but to actually get to the decision maker and have him listen to us.  And I did!
I created a CUSTOM SALES ENGINE for Superior Graphics.  We then gave it to a newly hired salesman to implement. 
The salesman did not know about the work that went into the creation of the sales process and the script. He was simply told to use it.
Salespeople do not need to know what the position is or what work went into creating a sales process.  The Sales Engine works simply by having the sales person deliver the script word for word and with the necessary tonality.
Click here to see the Results letter showing a 70% predictable sales close ratio using the Sales Engine I created.