Verified Case Study # 16
Company Name: Five Star Maintenance Service
Owner/Contact: Claudio Navarro, Owner
Type of Company: Janitorial Service
Size of Company: $6,000 per month, 4 employees
Verification by: Mr. Scott Spooner. Past President of the Northridge Chamber of Commerce.  Click here.
Methodology: Visit.
Problem: No financial controls. No marketing. No net income.
The Mission Impossible story:
A total mess.  Claudio had no financial controls or marketing.  The main problem here at the start is that he had no money.
My Mission Impossible was to change everything so Claudio  could be profitable.
Five Star Maintenance Service was 6 years old. It was a janitorial service.  The owner was from Chile. He had 4 employees and he also worked at cleaning offices.  He had no new accounts in years and he did not make much money from the accounts he had.
In the first week I analyzed his company and put in CUSTOM GAUGES which are financial controls that resulted in going from losses to an immediate increase of 150% per month in net income for the particular contract!  All his other contracts increased the same way once I taught him how to present the price increase.  The reason he did not lose the contracts when he repriced them upwards was the CUSTOM SALES ENGINE which is a Custom Marketing Position and a Custom Scripted Sales Process that I created for him.  This  made his customers accept his large increase.  Also, using the same Sales Engine I created, he was able to visit potential new customers and they all asked him to bid and gave him jobs instead of closing doors on him as in the past! 
Companies always have money laying around that can be picked up if you know how.  Claudio knew that he needed something to change in order for him to succeed and was very willing to change.
Click here to see the Results letter showing a quick result in marketing due to my MARKETING EXPERTISE and quick profitability due to my FINANCIAL ANALYSIS  EXPERTISE.